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We try to send out an email newsletter once a month detailing any website enhancements, and other news to everyone registered with 2-Let.
Here is a copy of the most recent update.

Welcome to the April 2010 Update from 2-Let

We are pleased to announce two further enhancements to the 2-Let website this month. The first is the addition of a messaging facility, which will direct you to a message screen as soon as you login to the 2-Let website if you have any new (or unread) messages from us. Messages will be used for important or urgent communications, or where we believe you haven�t received email communications from us for some reason. Old (read) messages can always be accessed via the �Advertise � Messages� menu until you choose to delete them.

The second enhancement is that all email enquiries from the 2-Let website will now contain the IP address of the person who actually sent the enquiry. This can be useful in trying to establish if the enquiry is genuine or not by looking up the IP address (just Google �IP address lookup� or use www.whatismyipaddress.com) which will give you the approximate location where the enquiry was made from. If that location doesn�t correspond to the country or city the person making the enquiry claims to be from then we�d suggest you treat the enquiry / booking with caution. Do however bear in mind that IP addresses can be �faked�, but we still think that this is a useful tool.

We�re also looking for leaflet distributors to work on a commission basis. We�ll provide the leaflets with a unique code and we offer 50% commission for every new advertiser who registers and pays using that code. Leaflets can be distributed, or just left / displayed in places such as newsagents, hair salons, takeaways, workplaces etc. Alternatively if you own a property on or are going on holiday to a gated community or holiday complex this could be an ideal way for children or grandchildren to earn a bit of pocket money, by leaving leaflets in the clubhouse or in residents / neighbours mailboxes. If you�d like to take part or would like any further information please email us. Not only does this help to advertise 2-Let it also helps to advertise your own rental property.

Finally the "Property of the Month" slots from May 2010 onwards are still available, priced at just �10 per month. This gives you the opportunity to feature your property on every page of the 2-Let website, with an image and some brief text on the left hand margin of each page. To book this popular option please email advertise@2-let.co.uk stating which month or months you are interested in. These are allocated on a first come first served basis.

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